Welcome to Boys Love Me!

Surprise! :3 We’ve been working behind the scenes on this little website to gather our comics and make them more accessible to read, all in one place.

We’ve integrated the site with Patreon so you can log in with your account and see all content, but you can also get a free account if you want to claim your username 😀

Right now only our comics are up, but we’re preparing the galleries so you can also have both normal illustrations and +18 gallery all easily accessible here.

Also the website is still in construction in general, so more functions will be appearing, but we were so excited about it we can’t wait any longer uvu

We’d love to hear feedback from you! Don’t hesitate to comment here.

Of course, if you encounter any problems, please do let us know (feel free also to DM us in our social networks!).

We hope you enjoy!

Love ya!
Take care.
Yren and Stefan