Published On: November 5, 2015

Chapter 1: First Contact (1-4)

Chapter 1: Pages 1 to 4
Leon Kriado's Character Sheet



On this chapter (created in 2015) Leo is cosplaying as an Uruk-hai (fantasy creatures of Lord of the Rings). It has come to our attention that Leo may appear to be engaging in Blackface.

This was not our intention at all. The brown on Leo was intended to resemble the dried mud of an Uruk-hai, but we understand that it may not be clear due to our lack of skill to make it look more like what we meant.

Due to our own cultural background, we did not know about the racial implications beforehand, but after educating ourselves we are deeply sorry for this mistake and will do everything in our power to prevent something like this from happening in our comics in the future.

If you have further concerns, please feel free to reach us via comments, our social networks or the contact form!

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